BIOKOS Age Renew Series

BIOKOS Age Renew Series


Lack of water content and moisturizer in our skin can be trigger the appearance of fine lines. Aging sign can appearfrom age 20th, that’s why we need to aware about it earlier. In fact, UV rays (do any activities under the sun without sunscreen) and lifestyle (drink, smoke, lack of sleep, etc) can be a cause of premature aging. So, we need some of skin care which can prevent the premature aging sign. The earlier you aware about it and take care of your skin well, the longer lifetime of your younger skin. Because of it, Biokos by Martha Tilaar create a new series which is concern with premature aging that caused by dry skin.

Biokos Age Renew Series

Are you strange with this brand? Okay, Martha Tilaar is one of the biggest cosmetic company since 1970 and Biokos is their skin care brand. This time, Biokos proudly present “Biokos Age Renew series” as their new product, which concern with dry skin and premature aging. Especially about wrinkle and fine lines in age 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. What’s special? Inside of Biokos age renew series completed with anti-wrinkle formulas. Biokos is already claim, if you used their product for 4 weeks regularly you’ll feel the skin more elastic. Moreover your skin will feel softer and the wrinkles is going to faded.

Well, I already used this product for one week and I’ll told you about the 3 master skin care of Biokos age renew !

BIOKOS Age Renew Facial Foam

First step before you put any skin care is cleansing your skin. Honestly, not all facial foam is made for dry skin, even tho they claim it for. Texture of this facial foam a little similar to a famous Japanese brand facial foam. The gel is white, light, soft but a little bit sticky. They claim, this facial foam can lift any dirt and the rest of make up without leave any dry sensation. 3 benefits from this facial foam is quickly absorbs all impurities and pollutants inside the skin, moisturizing skin, and help to regeneration our skin.

Biokos Age Renew Facial Foam

First time I used this facial foam, I didn’t have any problem with it. I like the soft gel texture, so I can applied it easily on my face. But, after I rub and wash it, I feel “keset” (I don’t know to explain this word). If I said it too dry but still moist, but not that feeling. I can’t wash easily because the foams doesn’t leave any slippery effect. It’s 100% like a famous Japanese facial foam brand, I got the same sensation and I don’t like it. Yes, I just didn’t like the sensation, not the products guys.

I admit, their claim is TRUE ! This facial foam can lift any dirt and the rest of makeup well, 100% my skin is clean. I already prove it ! I didn’t found any yellow stain or makeup remains. My skin feel moist and hydrated well and I can said this facial foam is suitablefor all skin type. Sensitive skin is approved !

I like the formulas inside of it ! If you didn’t like use any make up remover or micellar water, you can remove your make up use this facial foam. Your skin will hydrating, moist, soft, fresh and protecting from any aging sign. Talk about the paraben contains, don’t worry guys ! Biokos age renew facial foam doesn’t use any paraben inside.

Biokos Age Renew Facial Foam

Net/Netto : 80 gr

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 51.000

Where to buy :BiokosOnline websiteorSupermarket


Packaging of Biokos age renew facial foam too ordinary, compared to their toner or cleanser packaging. I think every brand always use the same form to create their facial foam and the good thing about it, Biokos create the tube in slim way. So, we can put it anywhere and light enough.

BIOKOS Age Renew Revitalizing Serum

The next step after your skin is 100% clean, you need to put Biokos age renew Revitalizing Serum. Why I need to used this serum? So, our skin is need to regeneration. If you used this serum regularly (day and night), regeneration of your skin is perfect and the result is your skin look still young, supple, healthy, no dull skin appeared and no fine lines/wrinkles of course. Biokos claim their serum canmoisturizes the skin intensively, tightens the skin, and reduces wrinkles significantly. Refer to Biokos clinically test, more than 90% peoples said their skin supple, moist, softer, and wrinkles sign is faded.

Biokos Age Renew Revitalizing Serum

Texture of this serum is soft, quick to dry, easily to flatten and absorb in our skin, but I don’t like the smell of this serum. It’s really different with their facial foam and moisturizer fragrance. I can smell the fresh of “melon” fragrance in another Biokos products, why Biokos doesn’t do the same thing in their serum? Honestly, the smell is disturbing my nose.

Moreover, this serum is sticky enough and heavier. I think sensitive skin like me can’t use it, because I feel sore around my cheek after 2 minutes used. One of my friend told me : this serum not suitable on her skin too and the day after used this serum, any acnes is appeared. I’m not sure about it, because I just feel a sore sensation but not too strong and no pimples appeared.

Biokos Age Renew Revitalizing Serum

Net/Netto : 30 ml

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 147.000

Where to buy :BiokosOnline websiteor Supermarket


I like the way Biokos create their serum packaging. They put the serum into a pump glass bottle but still light enough. The important thing, Biokos choose the hard glass for their serum, so it doesn’t easily to broke if you drop it. Simple design make this serum packaging look elegant and eye-catching.

BIOKOS Age Renew Moisturizer

Dry skin need to used it twice a day ! Lack of oil production, make the dry skin typesusceptible to signs of aging, like fine lines in eyes. That’s why Biokos provide special moisturizer for dry skin, complete with anti-wrinkle formulas. Biokos claim their moisturizer can regeneration our skin cell and keep our skin elastic. Moisturizer is important, because a make up will look more flawless and can stick perfectly in our skin, if your skin is moist. Other than that, moisturizer can help a dry skin type to keep their skin hydrated and supple everyday.

Biokos Age Renew Moisturizer

This moisturizer has super soft texture, not sticky at all and light wearing and easily to absorb in our skin. I already used it for one week and I like it. I love the texture, smell, and the finish ! smooth and moisture my skin well. Are you a dry skin squad? You need to try it out !

Biokos Age Renew Moisturizer

Net/Netto : 30 gr

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price : 73.200

Where to buy :Biokos Online websiteor Supermarket


Too old for a moisturizer packaging ! When Biokos create a good form for toner and cleanser, why they made it too old. It’s better if Biokos put it into a flip top tube like their facial foam (at least) or they create a new look for their moisturizer packaging. I think this moisturizer is eat much space in our make up box.

Final Thought

Overall, Biokos Age Renew is the one of skin care is the best for dry skin. Based on my review on 3 master product of this series, I Rate 5/5 for the moisturizing and hydrating effect. I already prove and admit it, but not all is suitable for all skin type. Please, if you want to tried their serum, you need to check it first, because sensitive skin can accept the formulas inside it. I Rate 3.5/5 for the formulas inside Biokos age renew. Honestly, I like the formulas inside of facial foam and moisturizer as well. Last, I Rate 2.5/5 for the packaging, I’m sorry Biokos, just your serum that eye-catching for me.

Talk about the price, Biokos age renew series is really afforadable for anti-aging skin care. Everyone can afford it, especially you the 20’s, who’s looking for a good anti-aging skin care. Well, local product is not bad guys, you need to try it out and appreciate it. Okay, last word I want to say thank you to Biokos by Martha Tilaar and Surabaya Beauty Blogger for this collaboration. Don’t forget to check Biokos instagram and website, see you on next project.

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