Best Skin Care of this Month – Sato Hakubi White C Gel

Best Skin Care of this Month – Sato Hakubi White C Gel

Have a problem with black spots, redness, and acne scars?

No, no. You didn’t need to worry again. Today, I will share to you our skin problem savior !

Sometimes ago, I came to Sato Pharmaeutical first launching event in Surabaya. Are you familiar with this brand? Well, Sato Pharmaeutical is the one of big pharmacy company in Japan which had a concern to bring a healthier and happier lives to all people around the world. In fact, Sato pharmaeutical has been around since 1915 – Wow ! more than 100 years, right?

Thefamous product from Sato is healthy care/supplement and lately Sato reach out to the beauty world with skin care products for whitening in 2007.We can said Sato is new comer in beauty industry, especially in Indonesia because Sato entered in Indonesia 4 years ago. So,no wonder if we’re not too familiar with this brand.

Sato Hakubi White C Gel

I heard, the best beauty product from Sato is Hakubi White C 90 Tablet. Yap ! this is a drinking tablet with 90 tablet in one bottle. Well, to get the maximal result we’re suggested to consume it 2-3 tablet/day (for >15yo). One tablet of White C is contains with 100mg vitamin C. So, we’ve already put 400mg of vitamin C to our body by consuming hakubi white C 90 tablet. According to the experts, the limit of vitamin C consumption in adults shouldn’t be more than 2000mg per day. Yap ! 400mg still within the safe limits butnot everyone wants to consume a drink tablet like everyday. They’ll think it will harm their kidneys, heart or liver. That’s why, most of them tend to avoid it for the healthy reason.

Based on it, Sato create Hakubi White C Gel for you, who are afraid and doesn’t like to consumption drinking tablet. Sato hakubi white C gel is a skin care that contain with Vitamin C derivative hyaluronic acid and dipotassium glycyrrhizinate which is good to brighten our skin, flatten our skin tone (fix the uneven skin) and remove the black spot because of sun burn. Other than that, this gel can prevent the appearance of pimples, cure the acnes, and remove the acne scars.

Even Sato called it a “Whitening Gel” but the texture not like a gel at all. This is more like water than a gel – so the texture is very liquid. But, I really like it ! with the texture like that, we are more efficient in used. Just one drop can be flattening in one large area. Fyi, This gel is very clear (has no color) and the smell is not strong. After applying it into the skin, you will feel your skin tighten. It’s okay – this is the natural effect after you applying this gel. It doesn’t harm your skin.

Sato Hakubi White C Gel is suitable for all skin type, including the sensitive skin. If you doubt, this whitening gel is suitable with your skin or not, you just smear it on your neck and wait 24 hours. If you didn’t feel burning, itchy, and sore on your skin, it’s mean Sato hakubi white C gel is suitable with you skin. To get the maximal result, you can used this gel twice a day (before you use any moisturizer or serum). But, if you don’t have severe skin problems and need to be fix immediately – I suggest you to used it once a day in the night. After you cleaning your face and before using a serum. The result is also perfectly ! Trust me.

Sato Hakubi White C Gel

Net/Netto : 20 g

Brand Origin : Japan

Price : 209.000 (now discount 125.000)

Where to buy : Watson online shopping or store

Does this gel contain any parabens? Sadly, yes. If you a person who always avoid the products that contain with parabens, this gel might not suit with you. Too bad, you can’t try a good skin care with affordable price. Don’t ask me about the real result – I’m already prepared the proof ! I will give you the result after used Sato Hakubi white C gel in 5 days, below :

Above – Before used Sato Hakubi White C Gel // Below – After 5 days used Sato Hakubi White C Gel

Seriously, I’m shocked with the result ! Just in 5 days – any acnes scars (in first photo) is TOTALLY GONE in 5 days. I didn’t used it twice a day, I just smear it once in the night before I applied night serum. Because of it, one week ago when I have a big acne scars, I applied Sato hakubi white C gel in the acne scar area every night. The result is amazing, just in 3 days the acne scars is disappearing slowly and today the scar is not so visible.

This is 100% my honest review ! I already used it every night and smear it in my uneven skin, black spots, and acne scars area. Why I just smear it on some areas? Because I want to see the before-after used Sato hakubi white C gel. Don’t worry ! My facial skin still looks fine, because I use a whitening serum after smear the Sato hakubi white C gel.


Talk about the packaging, Sato hakubi white C gel comes with super light small soft tube that easy to bring it anywhere. The most important is tip of this tube super small like a pen, so we can adjust the amount of liquid that will come out. Design of the packaging is simple but still eye catching, a combination of white and silver color makes Satu hakubi white C gel looks simple and elegant. Don’t worry, the packaging is not easily broke and doesn’t take a lot of space on our beauty box or case.


Final thought

Overall, I rate Sato Hakubi White C gel 5/5 ! The perfect score for the perfect skin care. I really RECOMMEND this gel for you. A skin care with good result like this, usually sold at a quite expensive prices. But, Sato successfully to sold it in affordable price, so everyone can afford it. You didn’t need to drink any tablet to keep your skin flawless. What I like from this product? The formulas is pretty good, I didn’t need to wait a long time to get the perfect result. Texture of this gel is very liquid, so we can easily to flattening it. The packaging design is meet to my need.

So far, this skin care doesn’t have any deficiency. I can deal with the paraben contains, since I didn’t have any concern with paraben things. Maybe, my review a little bit sounds “Lebay” but this is my honest review. Well, I look down to this product at first, because I never heard about the brand before and the price is cheaper. So, I don’t think if this skin care will give the real impact on my skin. Especially, to remove my black spot and any acnes scars. But, I just need to wait one week to get my flawless skin is back.

If you curious about Sato Hakubi white C gel, you can visit any Watson store in Indonesia or their online shopping and wait until the discount comes up, LOL ! Honestly, every weeks/month I always check any discount on Watson, because the price is far cheaper than the original price. Like today, you can get Sato hakubi white C gel just for IDR 125k from 209k. 3 weeks ago I seen the discount on Watson just 20%, so the final price just 167k (if I’m not wrong).

That’s all guys. I hope you enjoy and take it as useful !

I want to say thank you to Sato and Watson for inviting me and let me try Sato Hakubi White C Gel. See you on the next project and collaboration ! Don’t forget to visit Sato Instagram site too !

If you have any question, suggestion or collaboration for the next beauty product review,

feel free to contact me on IG : @tephieteph  or : @tephtephie

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