Beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive, it is right?

Beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive, it is right?

Happy ‘hot’ Thursday, guys ! ❥

Why am I in the early morning already talking about something hot? Yes, today I want to talking about a hot topic that we talk about it a lot. What it is? Yap ! Beauty.

Why beauty has been a problem for the most people lately? Everywhere I go, I always found some women who talking about beauty level of someone, make up and stuff, or something that you can do to get the highest level of beauty. So, I think beauty is the highest of the life goals for every woman nowadays.

Being beautiful is not an easy thing and cheap nowadays. As you know, make up with high quality is not cheap and beauty treatment with fast and high result is not cheap too. How’s for those who want to be beautiful but don’t have a lot of money?

Mr. Deka from Naavagreen ❥

Mr. Deka from Naavagreen have a chance to share special information to all of us as a beauty blogger about affordable beauty treatment. Beauty from inside is the most important things, but this will be more fully radiated perfectly if we also have the outer beauty. A health and clean facial skin are the foundation of beauty, so Naavagreen by Dr Freddy Setiawan gave the opportunity to all women in Indonesia to get it.

Naavagreen Beauty Treatment

Naavagreen natural skin care is opened since 2012, and now they have 17 branches around Java and Bali. The interesting things about this beauty centre is that they are not only open their branches in big cities but also in some small towns in Java and Bali. Naavagreen is offering to all women to have healthy facial skin without having to pay dearly, just IDR 40k you can get natural skin facial treatment without pay the doctor consultation. Since you need to keep your skin healthy, Naavagreen also provide several beauty care that you could buy. And for that one, you just pay IDR 50k for 2 kind of beauty care (day and night cream). So, in other words, you could get both of the treatment and the products below 100k. Wow ! This is the best deal right?

Not only those two kind of beauty care, Naavagreen also sells other beauty care product like milk cleanser, CC cream, natural scrub and many more. As your information, all product from Naavagreen 100% using natural ingredients like fruits, very safe for all skin types. The Naavagreen beauty care and treatment will not makes you dependency with their product or treatment, so don’t worry about this issue

In this gathering, I have a chance to try their CC Cream. My honest opinion, this CC cream is good enough, the shade is match to all skin tone, very light, not sticky, easily to blend, and fits for all skin type.

Look ! As can be seen on above picture, the CC cream blending perfectly in my skin. You didn’t need to worry to look cakey too, the shade is very friendly for all skin tone. I think the one thing that be the lack of this CC cream, for those who have super oily skin or have high sweat activity this CC Cream can be quickly faded.

The result after use Naavagreen CC Cream ❥

Naavagreen Beauty Care Product

For those of you who are still curious about the another product of Naavagreen, here’s the short review :

Naavagreen Body Brightening Scrub

This is the one of body care product from Naavagreen which offers a scrub with natural ingredients and mulberry scent. The scrub is very felt when we rubbing in the body, after you wash the body you will feel your body is very smooth, clean, and feel more fresh. Top of that, you can use this scrub once every two weeks or once a week for people with high activity outside.

Naavagreen Milk Cleanser

This milk cleanser is the one of beauty care of Naavagreen that can help you to clean all the dirt on your face. The smell of this milk cleanser is so good and not too thick at all. I think this milk cleanser is the best for normal and dry skin, because it can also provide the moisture on your facial skin.

After all, that is the short review of 2 kind of the Naavagreen beauty care product. Hopefully this short review can help you to get an idea about this products. Well, let’s we back on the event…♡

The further discussions were taken over by Dr. Intan Ayu as Dermatologist from Naavagreen. Dr Intan invites us to discuss about the treatment that provided by naavagreen along with the benefits.

Naavagreen have 12 beauty treatment like skin tightening therapy, red and blue bio light therapy, light activated therapy, natural micro peeling, natural peeling for anti aging, natural peeling for brightening, natural peeling for acne, natural skin facial, natural skin facial for acne, natural skin facial for anti aging, natural skin facial for brightening, and natural skin for sensitive skin. We have any beauty treatment options in naavagreen right? So, which one that you’re interest in?

Because of the explanation above,the treatment that interest me the most is red and blue bio light therapy. Dr Intan said if red and blue bio light therapy is also very good for acne healing, keep the elasticity skin, brightening and refreshing the facial skin. Woah, it is definitely very interesting

If you wanna try their treatment, better you makes the appointment first guys. Based in information that I get, Naavagreen natural skin care always full book everyday. So, I think make an appointment first is the best thing. If you just wanna try their products, you can bought them without a prescription at their branch or by online.

Discussion about beauty with Dr. Intan was very interactive and enjoy, and we have the opportunity to ask freely about skin problems, beauty treatment, beauty care, and many more. In this gathering, we were well served by Kabinet Coffee Ngageland Lucretia Decoration for the table setting.

Green.. green.. green.. everywhere

The table look so pretty with this decoration, you can also smell the citrus, leaf, and flower in front of you. Well, this gathering is very different from the previous events. In this gathering, we’re not only discuss a lot about beauty, but we also playing games together and share about beauty blogger experience. Besides that, there is also a selection of the best dress code. And then, congratulation for ce Angel and Nessya are selected as best dress winners.

Yap ! I had so much fun to attending this blogger gathering. I think we need more event like this to strengthen the friendship of beauty blogger in Surabaya. So, thank you forSurabaya Beauty Blogger and Naavagreen natural skin care for having me.

Thank you for the greeny goodie bag Naavagreen ♡

So, that’s all of the complete story from me, hope you like it.

And last word from me, Enjoy your time there guys. Hope you’ll have the sweetest moment.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact me on IG : @tephieteph or : @tephtephie.

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If you curious, where the place? Please look at the direction in below…

Jl. Bali No.9 Gubeng, Surabaya (Near the Carnivor restaurant)



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