Avoskin Miraculous Refining Toner : Acne skin type should to try it

Avoskin Miraculous Refining Toner : Acne skin type should to try it

Well, lately I got some DM’s on my Instagram about acne skin problem. Some of them don’t really understand how to have the right skin care for acne skin. They asked me “why my skin super dryand rough after use some of acne skin care series?” in a million times. So, based on their problem, I trying hard to looking for some of acne skin care that skin friendly. In fact, I already found some skin care like serum, moisturizer, mask, etc that have the best quality and acne skin friendly. So today, I’m proudly announce to you, I finally found the best tone of the year for acne skin type. I think, this toner is suitable too for all skin type, including sensitive skin.

Avoskin Miraculous Refining Toner


Here we go, the best of acne skin toner of the year is Avoskin Miraculous Refining Toner. If you still strange about “Avoskin”, let me tell you. Avoskin is the one of local brand that concern with nature and they put some effort to bring ” a nature” in every skin care products.Relying on the best natural resources in the highlands of Java and Bali. They formulated the bliss of botanicals that combine with premium ingredients and advanced technology, to give the visible and long-lasting results on your skin.

Avoskin Miraculous Refining Toner is exfoliating toner that contain5% AHA, 1% BHA, dan 2% BHA andcomplete with other natural extracts to maximize the process of exfoliating the skin without making our skin dry and give safe effect for acne prone skin. Differing from another acne toner, Avoskin claim they can give the best effect for acne prone skin. In fact, some people with acne prone skin problem is struggle to find the best skin care to handle it. This toner is like a fresh air for them.

What’s good?

Niacinamide + 2% Tea Tree + Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, and Raspberry that contain in this tonercan also help the exfoliation process, calming acne, breakout and purging.Furthermore, Raspberry and Aloe Vera can help to moisturizing, brighten up, minimize the pores and flatten our skin tone. Those ingredients too that’s makes this toner is also suitable for acne prone skin. Avoskin claim their toner doesn’t make your acnes crazily appear. Honestly, some of my friendwhich have acne prone skin type claim this toner can calming their acne. In addition, this toner can restore the texture of their healthy skin.

Texture of this toner is quite similar with fresh water, maybe around 85-90%. So, this toner is not sticky at all, but I suggest you to put it into a refrigerator to get the fresh feeling after that. Well, maybe you need to take a note about the sore feeling after applied this toner. Don’t forget this a exfoliating toner, if your skin is too sensitive or have some of acne or scratch. Your skin will feel a little bit sore or “cekit cekit”like when we are on peeling treatment. The good things about Avoskin products is no fragrance, no animal testing, no perfume, no mineral oil, no paraben and no another harmful ingredients.

Avoskin Miraculous Refinin Toner

Net/Netto : 100ml

Brand Origin :Indonesia

Price :169,000

Where to buy : Avoskin offical e-commerce store

How to use

UseAvoskin Miraculous Refining Toner twice a day (day and night) after cleansing. So, you need to pouring some product into a cotton (don’t forget to use beauty cotton) and apply evenly all over your face. Wait until the product absorbing perfectly, before you put another skin care. Using a cotton is a must, because it can help you to lift any dirt or dead skin. Well,Avoskin Miraculous Refining Toner is contain AHA, BHA, PHA that makes your skin more sensitive than before. So, please don’t forget to use a sunscreen to minimize the bad effect of UV rays and try to avoid the directly sunlight.


Avoskin Miraculous series has the same design and color. The thing thatdifferentiate this series is outer packaging. If their serum is put in a bottle glass, for this toner Avoskin put in a plastic bottle. The bottle is light enough, but I need the travel size of it. Honestly, I need to put some product into small bottle when I go travelling. A little bit complicated but it’s oke, I try to understand. Other than that, I like the way they made the tip hole ! It’s not too big/small, so I can easily to pouring the product.


Final Review

I already use this toner for a couple weeks to proving their claim. But, before I give you the“claim test”,I want to sharing about this product and “why you should try it”.My skin is combination – sensitive, oily, dry with acne problem (sometimes).Why oily skin type like me still has a dry skin problem?Because for 5 year or more I’m to concern with my acne problem. Some dermatologist is already told me, if I’m too much to used my acne skin care and make my skin super dry. That’s why, I need to stop some of product at that time.

Don’t ever forget, most of all acne skin care will make your skin dry. That’s why you need another skin care to balance it, your skin need to be moisturize all the time. I think,Avoskin Miraculous Refining Toner, is not only help you to cure your acne but moisturize your skin too. I can feel my skin moist enough right after I used this toner. Meanwhile, this toner is also help my skin look brighter than before.

Bare skin

Look at my bare skin ! I know my pores still showing up, in my case Avoskin Miraculous refining toner can’t minimize my pores. But, I love my skin texture so much, look healthy, no redness, no acnes, and not look dry. I can admit, ifAvoskin Miraculous refining toner can help me to fading my acne scars, moisturizing, brightening, giving back my healthy skin texture and flatten my skin tone for sure. By the way, some day ago have a small acne and the red scar is so bother me so much. After I usedAvoskin Miraculous refining toner for 7 days, my acne scar is gone !

I RATE 5/5 forAvoskin Miraculous Refining Toner. The quality is good, the price is affordable, the good effects is real and actually this toner is suitable for all skin type. Well, don’t forget guys, even tho we struggle with acnes problem, we need to keep my skin texture is well. For you, who always ask me, which toner that good for acne skin, I’ll suggest this product. Just in one swap on your skin, this toner will do the rest. You didn’t need to worry again about which skin care that can moisturizing our skin.

Okay, I’m done with my review. I hope you enjoy it ! Don’t for get to visit Avoskin website or instagram for further information.

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