Anti Aging Alert ! – Maxine Revival Body Lotion

Anti Aging Alert ! – Maxine Revival Body Lotion

Keep your skin healthy, moist, young and beautiful is a must.

No, I’m not talking about facial skin only, this time I will talk about the whole skin. I want you to aware, if our skinneed a good vitamin, maintain, and treatment. So, we need to come to aesthetic clinic every week or month? No, you didn’t. Now, Maxine aesthetic clinic bring their best skin care treatment to your home. Different from some of beauty clinics, Maxine has their own beauty and skin care product. They have a day and night routine skin care set, face and eye serum, micellar water any powder, body lotion and many more. The thing that I like from Maxine aesthetic clinic product is their beauty products.

Maxine aesthetic clinic is successful to create their own beauty products like a big beauty company. In fact, Maxine has a collaboration with one of skin care company in Indonesia to create their own products. So, don’t be surprised if Maxine products packaging is pretty good and really different with another aesthetic clinic. They made it beautiful just for you, a aesthetic clinic skin care with a taste of famous beauty brand.

Maxine Revival Body Lotion

Well, Maxine is the new comer on aesthetic clinic in Surabaya and their place is not far from my house. So, when my friend told me to tried their anti-aging lotionI immediately agreed. I really curious with their Revival Body Lotion, since the first time I heard about it. Why? Maxine revival body lotion is a anti-aging lotion which made from Galactomyces 97% or Pittera (basic ingredients of SK II products). This ingredient is also use by Secret Key, Cosrx and some of Japan beauty brand. I read some article about Galactomyces, this ingredient is good for anti aging, anti oxidant, keep our skin hydrating.

Texture of Maxine revival body lotion is like a super soft gel with high water content. After you pouring it into your hand and touch it, you’ll feel it like a clumping water. When you applied it to your hand or foot skin, the texture change like a water. So, it will look wet for few second and dry quickly. Don’t worry about the moisturizing, this lotion has a good mosturizer. Maxine revival body lotion, will keep our skin moist all night long.

Lotion Texture
After I rub it

All night long? Yap ! Maxine revival body lotion only used at night. Even tho, we’re resting on the night, but our skin still need any nutrients to keep our skin moist, hydrating, and healthy. But, this body lotionnot only giving you that kind of side effects. Maxine revival body lotion with Retinol contain, will help our skin to provide collagen stimulation which serves to renew and tighten your skin. Other than that, this lotion is also help to brighten our skin.

Well, I already used it for one week and the thing that I mention the most is about skin tighten. I can feel my skin so tight after I applied this lotion and I feel the same thing after I woke up in the morning. Not only that, I can feel my skin is healthy, smooth, supple, and brighten (a little bit). Yap, I only use it for one week, so I can’t mention you a lot about the brighten effect, I need to use it longer guys. Because Maxine revival body lotion, doesn’t contain any harm whitening ingredients.

Use Maxine Revival Body Lotion on the night

Maxine revival body lotion didn’t contain any paraben and alcohol, so it will suitable for you who have a dry skin problem, but not like my skin. Why? I have a super bad dry skin, the moisturizer contain inside the lotion can’t boost my skin moisture. After I used it, my skin doesn’t look dry, but not too moist. I didn’t need to worry, because I just used it in the night. So,I still used it until today, because I need to keep my skin tight, young, and brighter.To get the maximal result, I used it before I sleep and applied it on all over my body (my back, skin hand, foot, etc). Note it ! There’s no good result if you didn’t used it routine.

Maxine Revival Body Lotion Ingredients

Maxine Revival Body Lotion

Net/Netto : 100 ml

Brand Origin : Indonesia

Price :150.000

Where to buy : Maxineonline shoppingor on their clinic


Talk about the packaging, I have a good impression about Maxine skin care products. They create it like a professional beauty company brand, not like another aesthetic clinic who use “share in jar” stuff to their customer.They provide us, the simple, elegant, and eye catching skin care packaging. Other than that, Maxine is really concern with their product quality and hygiene, so Maxine put the foil cover on the tip. Maxine make sure, the product that you get is in good condition. Other than that, Maxine create the simple cover for their body lotion package, we just pushthe back of the lid and pouring the lotion liquid. Wecan also adjust the liquid that came out because the tip of the lid is small. One criticism for Maxine, maybe next time they can create a body lotion with fresh printing in the bottle, not used sticker anymore.

Final Thought

Overall, Maxine Revival Body Lotion is pretty good with the Galactomyces 97% or Pitteracontain inside it. We don’t need to pay for a high end beauty brand to get a product with the best ingredients. Maybe, Maxine products is the one of alternative for you who didn’t have a high budget. Talk about the products quality and result I give rate 4.5/5, because some people like me (who have super dry skin) need the lotion with super high moisturizer like a body butter. Rate 4.5/5 is almost perfect you know, so I definitely RECOMMEND this products for you.

One week trial used Maxine Revival Body Lotion, I can feel my skin tighten, healthy, smooth, and a little bit brighten. I believe, if I used it routine every night for one month (minimal), I can get the good result. This is also applies to you, used it routine to get the maximal result. Believe me, you can’t get the best or maximal result if you didn’t used a skin care or body care routine. Don’t be lazy ! It’s take 5-10 minutes to applied it.

Ohya, you didn’t need to came in their clinic to get their beauty product, you just need to open their online shopping site and choose whatever that you want. I think, their skin care is affordable enough, not to pricey and not to cheap. In there, Maxine is also sell their skin care set products with special price of course.

What are you waiting for? Check their website or instagram now !

Last word, I want to say thank you so much to Maxine and Surabaya Beauty Blogger, for giving me a chance to try the most wanted body lotion in Maxine. See you on the next collaboration

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