Absolute New York Studio Near You Now ! (with Mini Review)

Absolute New York Studio Near You Now ! (with Mini Review)

Hey pretty girls !

In the middle of the night, I bring the good news to all of you !

So, today I want to share about the one of USA cosmetic brand that will make you fall in love. I guarantee it will make you very poisoned by USA make up lovers. Don’t forget to read until the end guys !

As we know, USA cosmetic product is happening right now and we are very lucky because ANY (Absolute New York) cosmetic now open their studio in Ciputra World Mall Surabaya. Yey !

The first things that I think when I heard about USA cosmetic brand is EXPENSIVE. Although, any USA drug store cosmetic comes to Indonesia, the price still expensive enough. I’m so happy can be invited in this events, because ANY made my previous thoughts on USA cosmetic brand changed instantly.

ANY takes a youthful approach to modern beauty, while staying true to its backbone ideal beauty is essential & should be accessible to women everywhere. So, ANY develop their cosmetic product refers to the trend of make up that booming in South Korea and Japan. That’s why ANY is a USA cosmetic brand that match with Indonesian people too. For the price, ANY cosmetic products is very affordable.

Grand Opening ANY studio ★
Beauty and Style Talk Show with Wulan Wu ★

Congratulations ANY for the opening ! send all best wishes to you.

In there we’re not only strolling around the studio and try their products, ANY also give us a special guest star too. Yes ! Wulan wu present here and sharing some tips about beauty and style. Furthermore, ANY also invite all the guests to join in their boomerang challenge on instagram with the prize Icon pro palette from ANY. I had so much fun here guys !

Before we talk about their product, let’s we check inside the ANY studio first…

The black theme is very dominant inside the studio that is making the atmosphere here feel more exclusive and comfortable. ANY also provide the make-up place, so you can try their product freely. Honestly, I’m very confuse when I saw any cosmetic product that their offer to me, because for one product ANY have any types and benefits.

I’m more confuse in maximal level when ANY give me the give voucher that I can change with any ANY products…

ANY Give Voucher

Okay, for this moment I have to make the right decision ! and finally I decide to choose 3 cosmetic products that I need now. So, Let me give you some review about those product. The first product is ANY Radiant Cover Concealer.

Product Info

ANY Radiant Cover Concealer

Net/Netto : 8 ml

Brand Origin : New York, USA

Price : 110.000-120.000

Where to buy : ANY Studio or ANY Website


A versatile wonder – this brightening concealer blends out the seamlessly over imperfections to blur, while adding the instant light and lift, for a fresh looks, even toned complexion that glows. This concealer available in the 12 shades guys ! So, don’t worry about the findings the shade that suitable with your skin tone. Let me show you, how’s this concealer work.

I use the concealer in all dark and redness areas and after I blend it out, I really like the result. This concealer is perfectly covering with the natural and silk looks. Mine is #ARC01 Fair guys. This concealer is easy to blend, the texture is creamy enough but not too fluid, medium high coverage and give you the brightening and lifting effects.


The cute tube make this concealer is easy to carry anywhere. The tip of this concealer brush is very soft, but Ithink youneed to take the concealer content twice or more for cover the redness or darkness over your face.

Let’s we move on to the second product ANY Strobing and Shading Palette.

Product Info

ANY Strobing and Shading Palette

Net/Netto : 20 gr

Brand Origin : New York, USA

Price :285.000

Where to buy : ANY Studio or ANY Website


This strobing and shading palette features six essential highlighting and contouring powders that are designed to give you the effortlessly blend out to the mimic light and shadow and allowing to create structured and natural facial dimension. This strobing and shading palette available in the 2 types #01 Light to Medium and #02 Tan to Deep. So, this strobing and shading palette will be suitable for all skin tone.

For daily use, I usually use the baked color for contour (second row, in left side) that suitable with my skin tone. I always apply the contour in my cheeks bones before I cover with the blush. The other contour color that I usually use is Tropez (second row, in right side) for my jawline. This strobing and contour palette is highly pigmented, the texture is quite solid,easy to blend, and will not be fall out when you apply on your face.


For me, nothing special with the packaging. This strobing and palette is packed just like the other palette that make us easy to use.

The last product that I choose is ANY Primer Clear.

Product Info

ANYPrimer Clear

Net/Netto : 20 ml

Brand Origin : New York, USA

Price : 180.000 – 190.000

Where to buy : ANY Studio orANY Website


This is the flawless face foundation primer that suitable for the normal and oily skin. The liquid color is clear enough, so when you apply on your face this primer will not produce any color that will ruin you make up foundation. I already use this primer for 3 weeks and I love it very much, guys ! The first things that I love from this primer because it can control my oily skin up to 6 hours straight without touch up and have a matte finish.I highly recommend this product for you !

This primer available in 3 different color and functions#NF081 Green #NF082 Lavender and Clear.The Green one is features a sheer green tint to help visibly neutralize redness, and correct discoloration. The Lavender one is features a sheer lavender tint to help brighten dull and sallow complexion. The Clear one is diffuses light for smooth, flawless, photo-ready skin with a soft-focus finish. So, which one that suitable with you guys?


I love the packaging because the tube have a clear color sowe can see the fluid in it andmakes us easy for us to differentiate if we have more than one primer color. The slim and lighttube make allows us to carry it everywhere easily. Some tips from me is please keep this primer in the room or cold temperature.

Alright guys, this is some review from me. I hope you enjoy and make it useful for you. I wanna to say thanks to ANY and ClozetteID for having me and see you in the next beauty review baby !

And last word from me, Enjoy your time there guys. Hope you’ll have the sweetest moment.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact me on IG : @tephieteph or Ask.fm : @tephtephie.

Thank you for reading,



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